We will build and grow 5 new businesses,
Partner with 50 existing businesses in the area, 
to engage 500 young people.

Many of whom will be working for the very first time. 

We're proposing a radical and realizable vision. 

One that seeks to develop a working and merchant class among the young adults of the community by creating a desperately needed retail district and partnering with existing employers as local youth employers.

Through Reconnect, we aim to transform our Young Partners into the neighborhood's next generation of entrepreneurs, dreamers, and thinkers as they learn and grow alongside the non-profit businesses Reconnect is launching.

Project Reconnect

began on a violence-drenched corner of Bed-Stuy with the goal of creating an entry level economy for young men looking to change the course of their lives. Our mission is to offer employment that leads to renewed engagement of education, training and commitment to community leadership and service.