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Visit reconnectgraphics.com and reconnect.nyc to see the work that these young men have been involved with, hands on. 

How did you hear about Reconnect Brooklyn? 
(Jason) I heard about it through the cafe'. Edwin is a friend of mine, and he is a manager there. He suggested that I give this a try. 

What brought you to Reconnect? 
(Joseph) I just graduated High School, but I didn't get my diploma. I need a job, most places didn't believe I graduated. I needed a chance. I got to work at Graphics, because they gave me that chance.

What have you learned so far from your time with Reconnect? 
(Jason) I've learned how to be a part of a business. I've learned design, production, I've used marketing skills that I have from outside of Reconnect to help grow the Graphics business.

What are you looking forward to in the future? 
(Joseph) I'm in the college program now. I'm looking forward to furthering my education. I want to work teaching kids with disabilities, people who have been struggling from the start. I want my own place, I plan on having kids. I want to be in their life, and I want to support them. Teaching would be a good way to do that. 

What is your proudest moment at Reconnect Graphics?
(Jason) Fridays, when I get my check. I'm just kidding. I co-designed the Kingme design, which took off in the cafe' and in the neighborhood. We're going to see how far we can take that design.